Carrying Safely Online Course


Have you ever wondered what the most optimal carrying positions are?

Or whether carrying in a narrow based carrier is ‘dangerous’?

Maybe you wondered which was safest in a taxi, using your carrier or holding baby in arms?


Well wonder no more! We are happy to introduce Sling Schools carrying Safely online course. This is a short online safety course which introduces current safety recommendations for carrying, as well as a general overview of infant and postpartum maternal physiology.

The course is mobile compatible and should take around an hour to complete. Perfect to do during those middle of the night feeds!

This is not intended as a replacement for a peer supporter course or a consultancy course, more a way in which enables you to assess yourself whether your carry is safe for your child.

About the course

This course has been written by Anthea Manderson. Anthea is a long established Carrying Consultant with over 6 years experience. She has trained with both Trageschule and Slingababy as well as being one of the founding directors of Sling School Ltd and Morecambe Bay Slings CIC. She has lots of experience teaching as she is a Biology teacher at an outstanding secondary school. Anthea also often runs workshops at some of the nationwide Babywearing conventions.

You can find our online course here . You will need to purchase the course to get your activation code to be able to access the course.


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