5m orange stretchy wrap – choose your middle marker design and colour!


A stretchy wrap made just for you! This wrap is a burnt orange, 5m stretchy where you can choose your middle marker design and colour from our standard designs of a star, a thunderbolt or our lovely logo. Just select your preferred design and then choose your colour and we’ll make your wrap to order from our cozy Lancashire based studio and ship it within a week. Wraps that are showing as available as a back-order will take longer (up to 3 weeks) as we will need to order the cloth.

If you want a colour that we aren’t showing just drop us a line (to info@slingschool.co.uk) and we’ll order it in. The same for your own design – if you have a simple design that you would like on the middle of your sling just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Own designs start at an additional £2 per carrier.

This Sling School stretchy wrap is an ideal carrier to take you from newborn to around 12 months, and is a perfect choice for both new and experienced sling users.

The stretchy fabric we use is thin yet supportive, its cotton softness perfect for wearing against even the most sensitive skin. The 2-way stretch making it easy to get a great fit for you and baby every time.

Sling School stretchy wraps come in two lengths.  This is our longer wrap at 5m.  The vinyl middle marker in a contrasting colour, is identifiable by both touch and sight. We have worked hard to make these an affordable option for new parents, without compromising on quality and feel.

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A 5m stretchy wrap is a great option for just about all sizes of a parent, although if you are very petite or wish to tie at the back you may prefer the 4m option.

Sling school stretchy wraps:

  • Are suitable for use from 6lbs to 30lbs. For smaller babies please seek assistance from a sling library or educator.
  • Come with detailed photo instructions so you can be confident that you are tying correctly and safely every time.
  • Have a 2-way stretch and a thickness that is perfect all year round, and also works well for low birth-weight babies.
  • Are super comfy for both parent and baby.
  • Have naturally rolling hems that keep a soft edge against baby’s skin.
  • Are machine washable.
  • Are hand-crafted in Lancashire and designed by experienced sling librarians and babywearing consultants.
  • Packaged with care in environmentally friendly materials.
  • 94% cotton 6% lycra.
  • Oeko-Tex Certified fabric.
  • GSM: 210

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