Designed for Doulas…

Comprehensive and enabling, our 1 day Doula Course is the perfect way to add babywearing to your toolkit of skills.

Why use slings?
  • A workshop exploring the different reasons that parents use slings along with a look at the benefits to health of both parent and baby, as well as the positive impact on mental health on forming attachments.
  • A look at some of the different terminology around and attitudes surrounding them.  We use the words slings and carriers interchangeably, but for quite a few parents, they are different things and they believe that the sling is for indoor use and the carrier for outdoor.  How can we use language that enables?
Use of wraps during pregnancy
  • A hands-on session looking at using a stretchy wrap during pregnancy to provide bump and pelvic support in a safe and comfortable way.
Newborn safety, physiology, babies with physical complications
  • A workshop going through the very important newborn safety issues in a sling, along with an understanding of the physiology so that you can appreciate how to use the stretchy wrap to support baby’s natural position.
  • A look at supporting parents with sling use for a variety of different physical problems.
Using a stretchy wrap with a baby
  • A hands-on session that not only gets you very confident on using a stretchy wrap, along with tweaks and variations for pelvic support, creating space around baby’s face etc, but where we also work on helping you to teach those skills to someone else.
Breastfeeding in a stretchy wrap
  • Many new parents wish to know whether they can breastfeed in a sling.  We will show you how it can be done without removing baby, as well as how to do it using the sling as a support.
Stretchy wrap vs high street carrier
  • As so many high street carriers advertise working from birth, believe it’s valuable to spend some time trying out different carriers so that you know for yourself how different they feel, and the different levels of support they provide.
Moving on from a stretchy wrap – what comes next?
  • Introductory session on another carrier of your choice.


We run courses in Lancaster, but will also travel to you for a group of minimum 5 people.

Snacks and drinks will be provided for you during the day, but you will need to bring your own lunch. Babes in arms are welcome.

Lancaster courses are £100 per attendee. Check out our shop for up and coming course dates.

We charge £115 per attendee for courses that we have to travel to.

Contact us on to arrange a course local to you, or with any questions you may have! We look forward to working with you!

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